Padel Roofing

Swiss Padel Pro designs, produces and installs roofing for paddel courts.

It’s more and more common to see tennis clubs struggling to offer of the necessary infrastructure in order to meet a substantial return on their investment.

SwissPadelPro designs, produces and installs roofing for tennis- and padelcourts. Hereby, the specific feature of landscape and customer preferences can easily be brought into account. The chosen amount of courts can be covered swiftly.

Well-priced infrastructure:

The costs are known in advance and binding. In addition to that, the construction only needs little groundwork

Rapid installation:
The construction of the frame work and the outer wall only needs 3 weeks.

High quality roofing:
Das Tragwerk wird mit einer fortschrittlichen Technologie hergestellt. Die Leichtmetallstruktur ist abbaubar und als Marke und mit Patenten geschützt.

The structure is built with a progressive and advanced technology. It is removable and protected under trade mark rights and patents.

All the standards are met, also concerning snow load and wind. It‘s all galvanised steel, 100% with inserted nuts and pre-undercoated with varnisch and without soldering joints.

The modular system allows us to meet all the specific needs of the client as well as all the aspects of esthetic quality.

The installation and roofing construction can be put on all kind of surfaces, also where other kinds of construction is complicated or prohibited. It is also easily removed and relocated at low

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